The chat analytics provide details about the activity that took place on your website in terms of visitor statistics, and agent performance. If you access the “Reports” page on your dashboard, you will get an overall summary of the latest activities, including the number of visitors, incoming chats, reply time, and more.

How can I use the reports?

With the basic overview of chat reports you find out how many new visitors have interacted with your website, and how many are returning. Additionally, you can measure the number of incoming chats over the week, and find out how many requests you get in certain days of the week. You’ll know precisely if you need to add more agents to a particular weekday, or at certain hours in a day.

Accessing the reports page you can also get an insight about your agents’ performance: the number of chats each operator had, their average 1st response time, the average response time, and the average chat duration.

With chat and agent statistics at your disposal, you can always measure the overall performance of your staff, and improve your customers’ satisfaction.