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Free $9.99/mo. (CAD billed annually)
$11.99/mo. (CAD billed monthly)
$14.99/mo. (CAD billed annually)
$16.99/mo. (CAD billed monthly)
Only 1 agent 1 agent included 2 agents included
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Free Basic Pro
Monthly pricing (billed annually) Free $9.99 CAD per month/agent $14.99 CAD per month/agent
Monthly pricing (billed monthly) Free $11.99 CAD per month/agent $16.99 CAD per month/agent
Agent seats included Only 1 agent 1 chat agent seat 2 chat agent seats
Agents Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Additional agent seats (billed annually) $9.99 CAD per month/agent $11.99 CAD per month/agent
Additional agent seats (billed monthly) $11.99 CAD per month/agent $13.99 CAD per month/agent
Setup assistance
Live chat support
Email support
Phone support
Chat Interface
Concurrent users Only 1 1 + purchased seats 2 + purchased seats
Monthly chat limit 30 chats Unlimited Unlimited
Chat history 7 days Unlimited Unlimited
Data retention 7 days Unlimited Unlimited
Offline form Default Customizable Customizable
Pre-chat form Default Customizable Customizable
Departments Unlimited Unlimited
Multiple websites
Visitor monitoring
Canned messages
Proactive chat
Typing indicator
Visual and sound alerts
Multi-language dashboard and widget
Chat supervision
Chat collaboration
Chat rating
Email chat transcripts
Chat Transfer
Analytics and Reporting
Daily summary 7 days
First response time
Average response time
Chat reports summary
Chat reports analysis
Email reports
Agent monitoring
Analytics and Reporting
Display text Default Customizable Customizable
Background color Default Customizable Customizable
Text color Default Customizable Customizable
CRM Integration 10 Unlimited Unlimited
OTRS Integration
WordPress Integration
Zoho Integration