Multiple websites

Use your VoiceLive Chat on more than one website, using the same agents. You can add VoiceLiveChat to as many websites as you want without any complicated settings or extra costs. All your websites will operate independently, but you can easily handle all chats from a single account.

Visitor monitoring

Learn more about your visitors (where they come, what browser they use and how they came across your website). Find out more info about your visitors and their chat history. Define and improve your online marketing strategies as each visitor movement is tracked and the information you receive includes: Search engine, Search engine keywords, Referring URL, Current page, Return visitor indicator with number of visits, Previous chats,Chat history, Browsing history, Time spent on the Website, Geographical location (Geolocation), City, State, Province, Region, Country.

Proactive chat

Get your visitors attention with a eye catching chat invitation! Send a proactive chat greeting and turn your prospects into customers.

Chat transcripts

Keep track of visitor chat history, email and export chat logs at your convenience. Chat history is very important when it comes to staying informed on customer trends or understanding their previous support requests. Chat transcripts will help you also monitor your staff and provide examples for your Quality Assurance and Staff Training. Visitors can also receive current chat transcripts so that any information provided by your agents is saved and available for re-use.

Mobile friendly

Do you want to chat with your visitors on the go? Nothing could be easier as our mobile friendly service can be accessed from any Internet enabled device. Mobile devices are now a part of everyone`s life, which means you have to keep in touch with your visitors on the go. Your chat widget and agent interface will be available to both visitors and agents from any browser equipped device without the need of an app, making it extremely simple for you to engage your customers regardless of their location.

Chat transfer

Visitors and customers can be transferred between multiple operators if needed, to ensure their requests are always handled by an expert. VoiceLiveChat offers you the ability to make sure your agents can always receive assistance when chatting with a potential customer or handling a difficult support case. The customer experiences no delays and will be satisfied knowing that his case will be solved quicker.

Department routing

Give your visitors the possibility to choose the department, they wish to interact with and route your incoming chats to the proper agent or team. Make sure your incoming chats are always answered by your best employees by assigning your experts to the right departments. Visitors will have the ability to select the department that is better qualified to answer their questions.

Chat supervision

If you want to check if your agents are representing your company and products as they should, monitor their chat sessions anonymously and give fresh and honest feedback as soon. This is a great tool to not only improve the collaboration between your team members, but also to train new staff. Senior agents can monitor chats handled by new employees and make suggestions without the customer’s knowledge. When the workload decreases, new agents can supervise chats and learn from your more experienced agents.